Austin O'Brien

Austin O’Brien is one of those incredible artists and showmen that goes on stage with the ever-lasting obsession to win over the public’s heart.

Surrounded by five musicians of the highest standard, Austin’s amazing skills and superb timing live up to his very particular phrasing which brings us back to ‘the good old days’. The irish jazz man sings a bit before the beat, a bit after the beat… keeping up the momentum of artists like Sinatra, Benett, Peterson and some others, and that’s of the things that makes his work so exquisite.

Driven by his burning passion for Jazz, the artist mixes his talent of a real showman and entertainer to his incredibly strong and positive musical energy while on stage, and that never ceases to amaze his public!

Over the last ten years, Austin produced four albums and a Live DVD. The combination of both his incredible talent and work led him to play regularly in jazz clubs and festivals in France and on the world stage.

In Austin’s new album, you will enjoy an intimate account of one’s man life laid out in music  speaking from the heart.

This fine mix of his personal composition – jazz, standards, modern standards – makes this album a real life story and opens the door to his inner self. Here, the artist gathered a selection of France’s best jazz musicians. Brillant. So close your eyes and let yourself be taken away by the talent of Austin O’Brien. It’s time to make yourself feel good.  




Hervé Meschinet, saxophonist and flutist

Hervé Meschinet is a saxophonist and a flutist born in Saint-Etienne in 1959. 

Saxophonist of Michel Legrand for almost twenty-five years, Hervé Meschinet has surrounded himself with the biggest artists, both French and American such as Charles Aznavour, Ray Charles, Diana Ross. He recorded the hit “Room with a view” with Henri Salvador in the year 2000. 

It was during his tour with “Les Vieilles Canailles” that he accompanied Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc as a solo flutist. A regular visitor to jazz festivals, he had the opportunity to collaborate with René Urtgrefer’s quintet and with Rhoda Scott, whom many described as the living myth of the organ Hammond. 

Recognized as one of the best specialists of the traverse flute, Hervé Meschinet is being frequently requested for masterclasses, both in France and around the globe. Prize-winner of the golden Django in 1998, for his first album “Cannonblues”, his second record “Night in Tokyo” earned unanimous critical acclaim.  



Jean-Luc Arramy, guitarist and bass player

After studying violoncello and trombone at the Music Academy of La Rochelle, Jean-Luc Arramy taught himself the guitar, the bass and contrabass for years.

He appeared with various groups before co-founding « Black Label ». His band won the competition of La Defense in 1987 and decided to collaborate with multiple Jazz and Rock’n’Roll groups as well as solo singers (Marc Thomas, Laurence Allison, Elisabeth Caumont).

When he got to to Paris in 1991, Jean-Luc connected with great names in French Jazz such as Maurice Vander, Laurent de Wilde, Laurent Coq, to name but a few. Then, he played along with Thomas Fersen to continue his work with Serge Lama a few years later.

Alternatively, the musician was involved in many recordings of Jazz, variety and French songs. As a double bass player of the trio of Rémi Toulon since 2010, Jean-Luc Arramy carries out album and film music in his recording studio “Megaramix”. 




Vincent Frade, drummer

The drummer Vincent Frade is very frequently solicited by musicians for his skills to adapt and accompany all sorts of groups.

For the last two decades, he has been taking part in many concerts, both in France (Marciac, La Villette) and abroad (Saint Louis, Ascona) with rising talents such as Jesse Davis, Louis Smith, Denise King, Marc Thomas and many others.

Since 1998, Vincent has been recording more than twenty albums as a sideman.

In 2017, he played the part of Django Reinhardt’s drummer in the movie of the same name, along with the famous French actors Cécile de France and Reda Kateb.  



Christian Brun, guitarist

Christian Brun, guitariste d'Austin O'Brien


Born in Antibes, it was quite natural that Christian Brun became a Jazz musician.

A musician with multiple skills who had the opportunity to play numerous kind of music with the most talented artists in the world. He worked with Lou Bennett, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Laurent De Wilde, Baptiste Trotignon, Stéphane Belmondo, Sonny Fortune, Kirk Lightsey, Fred Welsey and also with Jean-Jacques Goldman, Diane Tell and San Severino.

He created four albums which were very largely lauded by the critics. Christian also holds a D.E of Jazz and teaches at schools across France with the same passion he demonstrated throughout his career. 



Philippe Petit, organist

Philippe Petit, organiste d'Austin O'Brien

Philippe Petit began his carrier as a songwriter, composer and pianist in Paris in 1977, working for Barclays studios.

A few years later, he met the saxophonist Francis Bourrec with whom he toured many clubs and French festivals. Philippe played with some big names in music such as the guitarist Gilles Clément, the percussionist Eric Devieu and the world-wide known organist Rhoda Scott.

Soon, his encounter with noted saxophonist-flutist Hervé Meschinet and guitarist Gilles Renne turned out to be a real eye-opener and led to the formation of his new band “Mister Hyde” in 1999 with whom he performed on an international level and released the album “Back to the beat”.

Later, Philippe recorded other albums, including N’Gor with the LSP trio, merging influences of Jazz, Funk, Pop and music of the world.

Le ‘Caveau de la Huchette’, considered as one of the best Jazz clubs in France, became his favorite spot from 2012 and he is now playing for the famous band of Dany Doriz there!



Patrice GALAS, pianist and organist

Initially trained as a pianist and organist, Patrice Galas has spent his career accompanying the greatest names in Jazz. He has worked along well-known artists including Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Kenny Clarke, Stan Getz, to name a few.

Dreaming of putting his passion into a book, he co-wrote a work on the several methods of Jazz and modern music with the pianist Cammas. Recognized as a master of the craft in the world of music and teaching, Patrice Galas was one of the first teachers for the Jazz music at CIM as well as in many other academies.

He regularly holds trainings and master classes throughout France and recently collaborated in the redaction of the famous Dictionary of Jazz.